Autumn honeymoon

Luna De Miel, Urban Roots Brewing & Smokehouse

As the sun burns the leaves to the orange and red we’ve all longed for, it’s finally time to whip out the warm clothes and the warm drinks. Urban Roots Brewing & Smokehouse’s Luna De Miel—“honeymoon” in Spanish ($4 for a half pour; $6 for a full pour)—is the perfect drink that’ll ignite your stomach’s fireplace. It’s an amber lager that’s buttery like a biscuit, spicy like a chai and warm like huddling around a slow-burning fire. Kind of like a whiskey at first, its sharp spices plummet to the back of your throat and sizzle there before shooting to the front of your pallet with warm and rich notes. It finishes with a subtle caramel taste. Be careful, at only 4.8 percent alcohol by volume, too much and you just might find yourself on your own honeymoon. 1322 V Street,