Sobriety test Sundays

La Mega, Las Islitas

At the intersection of “hangover brunch” and “post-church brunch,” you will find a Sunday crowd at Las Islitas, and the beverage that will bring together both saints and sinners is the Mega Michelada, or “La Mega.” Most occupied tables contain at least one of these over-the-top beverages, composed of a 32-ounce glass bottle of Corona upended into a large shrimp cocktail glass filled with salty Michelada mix. Shrimp and cucumber slices are arranged around the rim, contributing further to the visual wow factor. This drink comes with its own sobriety test: You have to finesse the upside-down bottle to get the beer out without overflowing the glass. If you fail, your friends get to take away your keys. 7240 24th Street.