Plant-based pick-me-up

Chunky Monkey, Badfish Coffee & Tea

You’re hungry. You’re tired. You’re in Orangevale. If you’re on the verge of an all-out crash, visit the new Badfish Coffee & Tea for a pastry and a cup of local Chocolate Fish Coffee. Better yet, try the Chunky Monkey smoothie ($7), a perfect blend of chocolate, banana, peanut butter, maca root, and plant protein complete with a full shot of cold brew coffee (made in one of those ice-drip brewers that look like it came out of a mad scientist’s lab). It’s got everything you need: protein, potassium, carbs and caffeine. It’s also 100 percent vegan, so everyone can take full advantage. Savvy children of the ’90s will also appreciate the Sublime reference in the name. Tell me, are you a badfish, too? 9346 Greenback Lane, Suite 3;