Simply green with protein

House Salad, Urban Roots Brewing & Smokehouse

This salad is simple: robust greens, creamy cilantro dressing, cherry tomatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds and tortilla strips ($12). The latter two ingredients inject all-important textural contrast and crunch. With any creamy dressing, the line between coated and soaked can be a personal preference, so you may want to request it lightly dressed. But, this salad becomes a truly crave-able full meal—commensurate with the full-meal price-point—with the addition of a generous portion of Urban Root Brewing’s dense, smoked turkey ($4.50). Be warned: URB is deservedly popular and sometimes its turkey sells out, so keep a plan B in mind. It may serve as a good excuse to top your healthy greens with some brisket. 1322 V Street,