She Hate Me

Rated 2.0 A corporate executive (Anthony Mackie), fired for exposing his company’s ethics violations, raises money by impregnating a succession of maternal-urge lesbians—at $10,000 each. Despite the porn-fantasy premise, Spike Lee’s latest “joint” (written by Lee and Michael Genet in a spirit of lighthearted outrage) has a good 90-minute movie somewhere inside it crying to get out—but after two hours, it just gives up and dies. And still Lee isn’t finished, dithering on for another 20 minutes, taking scattershot swipes at every target he feels like making time for—Watergate, Enron, indifference to AIDS, etc. Lee enlists a strong supporting cast—Ellen Barkin, John Turturro, Ossie Davis, Brian Dennehy, Jim Brown, Lonette McKee, Woody Harrelson and Q-Tip—but relegates most of them to ineffective cameos.