Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

Rated 2.0 Charter riverboat captain Bill Johnson (a testosterone-oozing Johnny Messner) sets the tone very early in this lushly photographed, intermittently intense and lamely scripted adventure thriller: “This is the jungle. Everyone gets eaten.” His comment does not deter the coed team of pharmaceutical scientists and support personnel (including Morris Chestnut) that he and his pet monkey are piloting into the heart of the Borneo jungle during the rainy season. They are about to become filthy rich if they can reach a bed of rare orchids during the flower’s brief blossom period and use the plant as the primary ingredient in the manufacture of pills that allow people to live forever. But the fieldwork here proves to be much more dangerous than expected, when giant snakes begin devouring members of the expedition one by one. Directed by TV veteran Dwight H. Little.