Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism

Rated 3.0 The theme of Robert Greenwald’s documentary is that the Fox News Channel—despite its “Fair and Balanced/We Report, You Decide” mantra—is actually pushing a right-wing, conservative agenda. (My goodness, who knew?!) Greenwald has more than this stunning stop-the-presses scoop, however; as the subtitle implies, he suggests that the news channel is actually part of Rupert Murdoch’s plot to destroy the craft of journalism, foster a climate of irrational fear, undermine the Constitution, corrupt democracy … Gasp! Pant! Shudder! Greenwald should give the tinfoil hat a rest. His movie is entertaining and persuasive enough as it is, with a host of former Fox employees telling tales; memos from Fox chief John Moody laying out the agenda; and footage of Bill O’Reilly being his usual boorish, blowhard self.