Shaming wands? Enough already with war on women

the author of Mother Jones, Revolutionary Leader of Labor and Social Reform and was an editor and writer for Sacramento’s former progressive newspaper, Because People Matter

Cartoonist Garry Trudeau labels it a “shaming wand” in Doonesbury, and he correctly equates the instrument used for compulsory and nonconsensual invasive transvaginal-ultrasound procedures to rape. A sexual predator receives years of jail time for forcible penetration with a foreign object.

This is not forcible, you say? But any time a female is required, without consent, to have her vagina penetrated with a 10-inch ultrasound wand as a condition for obtaining a legal medical procedure—an abortion—that constitutes “force.” And the men who pursue and pass such laws, as well as those who actually commit this crime against females, are rapists—who, like all rapists, are obsessed with controlling females through sexual violations.

If someone hires a hit man to commit murder, both they and the hit man are guilty—even though the one who did the hiring didn’t actually pull the trigger. In the case of these new compulsory transvaginal-ultrasound laws, others are being paid to commit forcible rape with a foreign object on an entire class of females who just happen to be seeking a legal abortion.

What’s next? Chastity belts? Virginity tests, such as women are forced to endure in some Middle-Eastern countries for the crime of speaking their minds? If this sounds far-fetched, remember: Not so long ago, the very idea of “shaming wands” and compulsory transvaginal ultrasounds would have been decried as “far-fetched.” These misogynists will stop at nothing!

If women were pursuing and enacting legislation to control male sexuality and reproduction, men would be rioting in the streets. But, of course, such a scenario is beyond our imagination, because males are firmly in control of all branches of government and, overwhelmingly, women are not participants in our rape culture. Male control has raped our environment; plundered our homes, retirement plans, pensions and jobs; educational opportunities; health care; and last but not least, assaulted and violated our Constitution.

Rise up, women and caring men, before it’s too late!