Sacramento Kings: Same drama, different year

Here we go again. Another year, another rumor that Joe and Gavin Maloof aim to sell the Sacramento Kings and move the team to another city.

Another would-be deal. Another potential goodbye. Another Maloof-sized headache. Sigh.

In 2011, the Maloofs, who own a 53 percent majority in the NBA team, tried to relocate the franchise to Anaheim. The deal fell through after some last-minute maneuvering on the part of the NBA and Mayor Kevin Johnson. But then in April, before anyone could get too comfortable, the Maloofs reneged on the arena proposal meant to give the players a shiny new home.

Now we're back to the same old pick and roll. Same drama, different year. This time out, it's a Seattle-based group bidding—reportedly upward of $500 million. But wait, stop the presses. On January 12, The Sacramento Bee reported that a new group aligned with the owner of Downtown Plaza was hashing out a proposal to buy the team for $400 million—and build an arena where the dilapidated shopping mall now stands. Meanwhile, billionaire Ron Burkle (who originally proposed to buy the team in 2011) and Bay Area investor Mark Mastrov (once a contender to buy the Golden State Warriors) have also emerged as potential bidders.

I love the Kings, good or bad, and firmly believe that any well-rounded city needs a major league sports team. But I also just want this chapter to end already.

Just do it. Whether we find a way to keep the team or let them go, do it fast. Pony up the cash or rip off the bandage—whatever it takes so that we aren't forced to endure another round of speculation, grandstanding and big-money theatrics.

How hard can that really be?