Race to the bottle

Illustration by Sarah Hansel

Beer and live music already pair well, but Oak Park Brewing Co. is amping up the combo. Local band Race to the Bottom has infused its ’90s stadium rock sensibilities into the punchy hops of its own Race to the Bottom Double IPA, made in collaboration with the Oak Park brewery. Though the musicians have about a decade of experience together as a band, this marks their first foray into craft brewing—so, they helped out with the conceptual swagger more than the actual siphoning. To create a bottle that’s “easy to drink while enjoying live music,” the 7.8 percent ABV spring ale has an earthy, floral nose with “hints of lavender and chamomile,” writes guitarist Joe Whitworth. On March 4, try a pint ($7) while listening to the Scott Weiland-esque vocals that inspired the brew. Race to the Bottom will play at the brewery alongside local bands Sunday School and Humble Wolf starting at 3 p.m. with free admission. Details at www.facebook.com/events/