Only two chews

Sacramentans have been flocking to Goodie Tuchews cookie shop for almost 30 years. Formerly on J Street, it moved to 1015 L Street two-and-a-half years ago. I asked owner Terry O’Reilly for some thoughts on her longevity.

“My whole thing is I make good cookies, and I’m not into the packaging. I do have gift boxes and gift certificates. They’re simple and classy, but I focus on the cookies.

“My most popular is the regular chocolate chip, like your mom used to make. The semisweet chip is more popular than the milk-chocolate chip. The butterscotch walnut has a small fanatical following. With 19 different kinds, I couldn’t get rid of any of them, because each one is someone’s favorite.

“I do everything by myself and make everything from scratch. Our 28th anniversary was November 19. I’m not that exciting; I just like to make good cookies.”