Meals on wheels

John Boyer is the founder of Edible Pedal (, a bike-based food-delivery business in Old Sac and Midtown. I asked about some of his restaurant clients.

Steamers was my first account, and they put me on the map. I’ve always thought about a delivery business, and Janie Ison, the owner of Steamers said, “Let’s do it!” I started in the winter, which gave me a jump on the business.

Rick Mahan was watching my progress, and I kept after him to use my services at OneSpeed. He doesn’t have to deal with the staffing this way. I have to give Rick the credit, because I rode his success.

Magpie [Caterers Market and Cafe] and Hot Italian are two of my newest accounts. Hot Italian hasn’t really started yet, but I have a new bike coming this week to help with that account. I really enjoy delivering good food.”