Jewish laundry

Melody Elliott writes Cooking Schmooking ( And soon, she’ll be cooking her way through local author Marlena Spieler’s book Jewish Cooking along with Shankari Easwaran ( and Eileen Thornton (

“I wrote to Marlena and told her I really liked her book. She wrote back right away, and we’ve been corresponding ever since. We’ll all update our blogs on Sundays and call them ‘Sunday with Marlena.’

“We’ll start with the appetizers. We divvied up who’s going to do what. For the matzo-ball soup, Marlena’s aunt will actually come over and show us how to do it.

“Yes, we know Julie Powell already did Julia Child’s book and got famous over it. We are hoping the exact same thing happens to us. In reality, we’ll probably be hired to wash dishes and laundry at a kibbutz in the Golan Heights or something.”