What a dish

Cecilia Gray is co-owner of Dish (2747 Riverside Boulevard), a shop of vintage dishware, chocolates and things such as gorgeous old-fashioned cocktail sets. I asked how business is going these days.

“We’ve learned a lot that people don’t cook that much, and when they do, they buy plain white dishes. They’ll buy glasses and vases and teapots instead. They might buy a stack of plates, but the dish sets don’t sell much.

“We just put some large pastel platters in the window recently that would be good for Thanksgiving. They’re really reasonable. We also have some new pitchers and candy dishes that would make nice hostess gifts with the XOX chocolates from San Francisco.

“I feel like I have a museum that has everything for sale. A lot of large manufacturers are not making dishes anymore, so people come in and look at them here. We have lots of vintage chrome toasters and waffle irons that people seem to like.”