No tricks, just treats

Kobasic’s Candies

5324 Riverside Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95822

(916) 448-3555

Jim Kobasic runs Kobasic’s Candies (5324 Riverside Boulevard) as a family business with third- and fourth-generation candy makers. Their retail shop is stocked to the rafters with goodies. I asked Kobasic about some of them.

“Yesterday I made honey taffy, using local honey from the Sacramento Beekeeping [Supplies]. I also made a honey truffle with a 64 percent chocolate base.

“I’ve got nine different truffles that we hand dip. We have a 60 percent chocolate, a coffee truffle, a pomegranate one and acai berry. We also make chocolate lollipops in pumpkin molds, and you can request the type of chocolate you want.

“We’re doing ice cream now. We have soft serve and a dipping ice cream. It’s been in for five weeks, and we’re running out of it. My wife has also got us making chocolate pretzels and potato chips. We’ve even got chocolate Gummi bears! The stuff sells and it’s affordable.”