There goes the (foodie) neighborhood

Dani Luzzatti grew up in a local culinary family. Now she runs Bellalu Catering and moonlights at the Supper Club. I asked her how things in the food community have changed.

“We used to have to travel to Corti Brothers to get anything, like flat-leaf Italian parsley. You could only get the curly kind everywhere else. Now we go to Corti because we want the empanada dough or the Molinari hot salami.

“It’s amazing that things have evolved to where a high-end restaurant like Grange serves goat. You used to have to go to an ethnic restaurant to try anything adventurous.

“I grew up in a French kitchen, with all the rules and no deviations. Then in the ’80s, flavors got really muddled, and now it’s back to where techniques are important but you can have some creativity with them. I really think it’s more open now, and it’s not competitive like other cities.”