Back in the day

Kevin Toyama is a book editor and C.K. McClatchy High School grad who now lives in the East Bay. I asked him about restaurants he remembers fondly from his childhood.

Americo’s [formerly on 20th and Capitol] was one of the best in Sacramento. It had a really friendly staff and excellent linguine with clams. Its mix of delicious food, ambience and overall charm made it my all-time favorite!

Fuji Restaurant [formerly on 13th and X streets]. The food was good, but what made this place really stand out was that it was one of the few places that could handle banquets. Fuji was my family’s go-to restaurant for special gatherings, including my great-grandmother’s 100th birthday and my dad’s retirement party.

Brick Oven Pizza [35th Avenue and South Land Park Drive] for its old Sunday buffet breakfasts that ended long ago. My friends and I would regularly meet there and take their all-you-can-eat policy quite literally—its greasy-spoon-style breakfast was the perfect answer to a late night out!”