Hungry like an animal

I’m at the Sacramento Zoo (3930 W. Land Park Drive) a lot these days, and I wondered what the animals eat. Leslie Field, the lead keeper, reported some interesting food facts.

“We spend a considerable amount of time ensuring that the food products we order for our animals are high-quality [human-grade]. Raley’s on Freeport is our first stop. By the camera department, there is a small refrigerator with the best-kept secret in town: worms!

Pumpkins are a symbol in our society for fall, but the cats use them as Kong toys—they roll them around, bite them, carry them until they break and make the exhibit quite a mess. The kangaroos and bongos enjoy their pumpkins with goodies inside—corn nibblets, fruit, lettuce, etc.

“What do pudding cups, jam, yogurt, apple butter, SpaghettiOs, pitted prunes and powdered mashed potatoes have in common? They are all the ‘special’ ingredients to get primates to take their medicine.”