Enter the Donny

Dad’s Kitchen

2968 Freeport Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95818

(916) 443-3237

I almost panicked recently when Dad’s Kitchen (2968 Freeport Boulevard) closed, but Donny Morgan, the new proprietor, jumped in to take over and keep things going. I asked if anything was changing.

“You don’t fix what ain’t broken. It was my friend’s place, and he got too busy with the other Dad’s and this. I worked here in the past when they first opened. It’s crazy, but it’s fun.

“We were only closed for a week. We’re serving 90 percent of the same stuff, with new specials every night. If we change something on the menu, people freak out. The chili and the mac and cheese will never go anywhere.

“We’re working on our back patio and putting in canopies, lighting and heaters for the wintertime. We have open-mics on Tuesdays. We’re going to start having movie nights after we close. Maybe old kung fu movies. During the day, we’re really kid-friendly.”