Luck be a lady

Summer may be bountiful for local produce, but there are still lots of gorgeous, flavorful fruits and veggies to be had in fall. I spoke to Kerri, the produce manager at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op about what they have.

“Right now we have local Satsuma mandarins from Riverdog Farm. The past couple of years citrus has suffered severely, but fortunately this year everyone seems to have a good crop.

“We have lots of Pink Lady apples from Smit Ranch in Linden. They’re great for baking and for fresh eating. Smit also grows Fujis, which are very popular.

“All of the winter greens are in right now from local farms, like chard, kale and dandelion greens. We go through just tons of dino kale, which is dark green and has a bumpy leaf. A lot of people eat it raw or as juice because it has a lot of vitamins.”