One press kit at a time

If your desk looks like this, get help before your co-workers stage an intervention.

If your desk looks like this, get help before your co-workers stage an intervention.

I, Becca Costello, admit that I am powerless over the state of my cubicle and that my desk has grown unmanageable. The SN&R editorial department receives staggering amounts of mail. Every day, piles as high as a foot tall are stacked on my desk. I open, respond and recycle as quickly as I can, but I’m starting to lose the battle. My cubicle is now home to several piles of paper with vague designations like “Do something with this eventually” and “Look at me now!!!” The more piles pile up, the more chaotic my job feels.

If this sounds familiar, know that there is help for the clutter-challenged. In one of the smaller stacks on my desk, I found an announcement for a new 12-step group in Sacramento, Clutterers Anonymous (CLA). CLA is a nationwide organization based on the 12-step tradition. You can take the quick survey at to assess your clutter quotient. Answering questions like “Do you find it difficult to dispose of many things, even if you haven’t used them in years?” and “Do you rent storage space to house items you never use?” will let you know if you’re in a state of clutter emergency. CLA meets on Mondays at 7 p.m. at the Kaiser Permanente in Rancho Cordova, located at 10725 International Drive, in conference room 6.

Under a pile of new CDs, I discovered a press release about a class for seniors called “What Do I Do with all this Stuff? Getting Organized.” Learn ways to manage possessions and paperwork on Tuesday from 1:15 p.m. until 2:45 p.m. The class is located at the Eskaton Monroe Lodge, 3225 Freeport Boulevard. Call (916) 334-1072 for reservations.

If you’re not ready to commit to clutter therapy, you can try out the organizational affirmations on the CLA Web site. “I nurture my spirit by surrounding myself with beauty and harmony.” Yes, I do! As soon as I unearth my desk …