Charitable contribution

Insert crude joke about the importance of eating your vegetables here.

Insert crude joke about the importance of eating your vegetables here.

Think about how many times a day someone asks you for money for charity. There are solicitations from nonprofit organizations in your mailbox, telethons and “save the children” commercials on TV, donation boxes at the grocery checkout counter, and homeless people on the street asking for a little cash to get by on. It’s a big, needy world out there, and those who want to raise money for their particular cause have to be pretty creative to get noticed. Luckily, several local do-gooders are up to the challenge.

Witness the above photo from the Sacramento chapter of Food Not Bombs’ 2005 calendar. To raise money to serve free vegan meals in Cesar Chavez Plaza every Sunday, the members of Food Not Bombs have decided to rely on sex appeal. Find out who has the biggest zucchini when you order your copy online at Black-and-white calendars are only $5, but it’ll cost you $10 for full-color action.

Not to be outdone, Uptown Studios has just released its 2005 erotic lesbian and gay men’s calendars. The beautifully photographed calendars are sold nationwide for $15 to benefit women’s charities. They can be ordered at If you’d like to be a calendar girl for charity, the 2006 calendar themes include “women in uniform” and “lesbian erotica couples.” E-mail for more information.

On a less erotic and more rockin’ front, local musician Tony Cale (St. Avalanche and Forever Goldrush) has organized a concert to benefit the International Red Cross’ tsunami-relief efforts. A mere $5 gets you into a live performance with Allegra, Becky Lotspiech, Damon Wyckoff, Dead Western, Delayed Sleep, Deimos, Electrogroup, Park Avenue Music, St. Avalanche and the Little People. The event happens Sunday at 4 p.m. at Old Ironsides, located at 1901 10th Street. And—surprise—it’s open to all ages. Now open those wallets!