On pizza etiquette

In just a few short years, Paesano’s has established itself as one of Sacramento’s best pizzerias. Just how good is it? Consider this: The Junebug and I were there recently, dining on our usual favorite, a small plain cheese pizza. Super-thin crispy crust. Just the right amount of cheese and sauce. Mmmmm. I gobbled down my three pieces, but she only ate two of hers. I was still hungry, and that third piece of hers was looking awfully good. "Pizza etiquette," I told her, "demands that if a person is still hungry and there is still pizza left, that pizza must be eaten." "That’s not what pizza etiquette says," she scoffed. "That’s what you say. I’m wrapping it up and taking it home." Fortunately, the crowd of gridders gathered at Paesano’s was typically noisy, so no one overheard the heated and ugly exchange that followed. Suffice it to say Paesano’s makes pizza worth fighting over. Don’t know many pizza places you can say that about.