Veggin’ out

When it comes to vegetarian restaurants in Sacramento, there are several options, but only one real choice. Mums, located in Land Park just past the bend where 19th Street becomes Freeport Boulevard, makes most of the other vegetable vendors look pretty vacant when it comes to serving original sans-meat cuisine. With a soft, woody, organic interior, Mums is the perfect place to take those pesky politically correct friends of yours to lunch. Not that the VIP (the person paying for the lunch) on my recent visit qualified for that category. She assured me that the grilled eggplant sandwich, featuring large slabs of marinated and grilled tofu and eggplant, was “quite tasty.” My selection, quiche du jour, was more staid, but nearly as delicious. A word of caution: If you’re in a hurry, Mums may not be the word. It seems vegetarians have a different concept of time than mere normal folk.