In pocket

Caffé Latté, located in the clean and polished River Lake shopping center in the Pocket, had me fooled for a while. For three years, I thought that’s all it was, a cafe. People would tell me they’d just had a great brunch at Caffé Latté, and I’d wonder how you could have a great brunch with just a cup of coffee and a muffin. As it turns out, the place is sort of a modern take on the neighborhood restaurants they used to have back in the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served seven days a week; the menu ranges from omelets to teriyaki rice plates. There’s also a Chinese menu upon request, featuring East-meets-West items such as salt pork with 1000-year-old egg congee and Spam ham with one over-easy egg in Ramen noodle soup. And the Sunday brunch scene is pretty cool, with live piano playing, fluffy pancakes, and perfect over-medium eggs. No wonder it’s such a wonderful day in the neighborhood.