Dinner at the Don’s

In an age of generalists, the specialist is a dying breed. Rarely these days do you see someone who specializes in one thing and does it extremely well. Jack Gomez, the proprietor of the Don’s Tamale Kitchen, has done just that. He makes tamales—and only tamales—and he will even deliver them to your door. In case you don’t know, it’s not easy to make tamales—they’re pretty labor intensive, so I’m personally very happy to let the Don make them for me. Chicken, pork, beef and jalapeño with cheese tamales from the Don’s will run you $1 each. Delivery is free with a $10 minimum order. I can attest from experience that the Don’s tamales are excellent, with a perfect balance of the fillings and the masa corn-flour surrounding it, which is then wrapped with the traditional corn husk. Simply delicious. The Don’s is the perfect call for your office lunch party or a quick tamale dinner at home. And as of this writing, the Don’s is also beginning to offer an expanded Mexican menu at his sit-down location on Broadway.