Meat to please you

978 Olive Drive, Davis

(530) 756-2142

There are two schools of not-necessarily mutually exclusive thought regarding Davis. One says that this tiny university town is the best place to live in America. The other claims that the People’s Republic of Davis is the last safe haven for political correctness in Northern California (excluding Berkeley, of course). Murder Burger, perched ominously near the entrance of this liberal enclave, would seem to lay that latter claim to waste. "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!" it seems to say, at least to the stereotypical, vegetable-eating, animal-rights-loving, Birkenstock-wearing Davis denizen. Not that Murder Burger doesn’t have a veggie burger on the menu—it does. It’s also got plenty of frou-frou items: espressos, mochas, iced lattes and 20 different flavors of Italian soda. But let’s get to the meat of the matter, which are those creatures that have given their lives to keep us fat and happy, namely, cows and chickens and ostriches. Yes, that’s right, ostriches. For those not in the know, ostrich is high in protein, low in fat and makes a damn tasty burger, at least the way Murder Burger prepares it, with lettuce and onion and tomato and chipotle mayonnaise and mustard on a toasted sesame bun. One bite and maybe you’ll agree Davis is the best place to live in the country.