Bravo, Cabo!

Seafood tacos are all the rage now. It seems as though no day goes by without some new chain opening up down the street serving fish and shrimp wrapped in corn and flour tortillas. But Cabo’s Tacos is no franchise seeking to capitalize on the latest fast-food trend. For the past six years, Cabo San Lucas natives Silverio and Idolina Vargas have been serving authentic Baja cuisine from this cute little stucco hole-in-the-wall on Arden, just a block or so east off Howe Avenue. You’ll find no frankenfood here. The Vargases use only the finest and freshest ingredients for their chips, salsas, tacos, tostados and burritos. Highlights, of course, include the fish and camarones (shrimp) tacos, which can be purchased separately or in combination with rice and beans. The carnitas burrito, with lean fried pork and beans, rice, onions, cilantro and salsa, is pretty tasty as well. And the prices? Let’s put it this way: You’ll get far less change back from the chains. Cabo’s Tacos. It’s like taking a trip down the peninsula without ever leaving town.