Hey Reuben!

Even someone as low-fat obsessed as yours truly has occasional lapses, and, when it happens, there’s only one thing that will do: a Reuben. Steaming corned beef, melted Swiss cheese and sautéed sauerkraut slammed between two slices of rye. Max’s Opera Café has what I need, and the fact that it’s located in my favorite place in the universe, Market Square Plaza right next to Arden Fair Mall, is an added bonus. There’s no way I can eat one of these enormous sandwiches myself, so on my recent foray I brought along the VIP, who confessed, “If my mother knew I was eating corned beef, she’d laugh her ass off!” No problem, Mom—for a slight fee, Max’s was more than willing to split the plate, so caloric intake was kept to a minimum. And the best thing of all about lunch at Max’s? Unlike the dinner hour, there’s no wannabe pop star wait person singing the Titanic theme in your face.