Soul salvation

Let’s be honest. Without African-Americans, we’d be a nation full of boring twits sitting around twiddling our thumbs watching our portfolios grow. In short, we’d have no soul. But thanks to Jimmy’s Fresh Fish and Delicatessen, located in the heart of Del Paso Heights, you can not only have your soul but you can eat it, too. Within these pink and powder blue stucco walls lies the secret to thy salvation: collard greens, red beans and rice, chitterling and hog maw, catfish, hot links, ribs, smothered rabbit, turkey tail and chicken, and the absolute best peach cobbler in town. I don’t want to hear no crap about you being afraid to drive to that part of town. Jimmy’s wraps it all up for you in aluminum foil and a Styrofoam clamshell. You barely have to get out of the car. So get off your high horse, get on over to Jimmy’s and get yourself some soul. I know you need it.