Mickey’s munchies

The latest VIP (person paying for the lunch) being of Irish descent, as is yours truly at least in part, the decision was made to drop in on O’Malley’s for a bit of the old Guinness and some hearty corned beef and cabbage. Exteriorly speaking, there’s nothing all that Irish about this Old West style structure ensconced in what passes for Old Sacramento’s main street—aside from the neon signs advertising Harp and Bass on tap. Same goes for the interior. But aye, they’ve got corned beef and cabbage on the menu, and it’s served in steaming heaps enormous enough to please even the most jaded Irishman. The strips of corned beef were lean and meaty, the red potatoes were boiled firm, and the cabbage more or less disintegrated upon contact. In other words, just like mom’s, whose Irish eyes would be smiling at such a feast.