Old Computer Museum


Yes, computers really qualify as technology worthy of museum preservation. This site is great fun for those of us who occasionally wax nostalgic for that first-generation word processor (a Tandy, purchased at Radio Shack by an old girlfriend). And I just had to chuckle at the first laptop I ever used: An IBM 5140 convertible, “portable” if you’d been working out a lot—it weighed almost 13 pounds. It had a dual-floppy drive and a flip-up, hard-to-read LED screen. It’s funny what can make us nostalgic; whether it’s antique cars, the trains down in Old Sac, or an old Apple IIE, there’s something about technology past its prime that cries out for the ennobling aura of a museum. Go find your first Mac. But remember, tempus fugit, and imagine your grandkids laughing at your antique iPod.