Wall of Kisses


At Love Girls, a British Web site that coyly describes itself as being “for girls who love girls” (can’t have any nasty old lesbians, now, can we?), they’ve started a delightful Wall of Kisses. Visitors are invited to send in photos of themselves kissing another “girl”—or woman, obviously, as most of these shots appear to be females above the age of consent engaging in the sort of snogging grown-ups generally consent to only with their closest intimates. It’s a lot of kissing: all shapes and sizes, colors and styles, tongue and none (props to the uniformed chick with a peroxide white Mohawk who’s kissing a femme with a 50s-style hairbow). The wedding ones are sweet and sentimental. Send in your own snap; I’m sure the Brits won’t mind a few kissing girls from across the pond.