Old building, new Soul

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

You’ve probably heard that Weatherstone Coffee and Trading Co. has morphed into Old Soul at the Weatherstone (812 21st Street, www.oldsoulco.com). Happily, this switch retains the best thing about the Weatherstone—the building’s ambience—and vastly improves the worst thing, the coffee. Meanwhile, there are some changes to the laid-back, just-help-yourself vibe of the original Old Soul as well. Partisans will be shocked to find a menu board and—jump back!—a cash register. There’s also an expanded menu, with everything from housemade granola and English-muffin breakfast sandwiches (is the fast-expanding Old Soul entering the coffee-wars fray just as Starbucks retreats?) in the morning to an array of lunchtime sandwiches to an evening charcuterie plate. And the menu board proclaims that beer and wine are on their way. The pastries are the same, though, and Weatherstone’s patio—just right for hanging out in our newly lighter evenings—is as pleasant as ever. More so, even, if you like good coffee.