Griddle in the middle

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

What a difference a stove makes. I recently got a new stove—well, new to me, anyway, but actually from the late ’40s or so, one of those Wedgewood ones. It had been sitting in my cousin’s garage for years, and he up and offered it to me, and I goggled with delight. It’s all chrome and enamel and practically nuclear-powered heat, a big step up from the new but wimpy gas stove that came with the house. Inside the oven is a handy-dandy, very old-school cooking chart with times and temps for various things you might bake (rice pudding: 45 minutes at 400 degrees; standing rib roast: 20 minutes per pound at 325 degrees). But here’s the best part: There’s a griddle between the burners, so I can make pancakes with abandon. I can heartily recommend the “My Favorite Pancakes” recipe at Heidi Swanson’s delightful recipe blog 101 Cookbooks—though now I see she’s got a poppy-seed pancake recipe up, too. I’ll have to get flipping, and you should, too, whatever kind of griddle you have.