Elegant sweets

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

1801 L St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
Ste. 60

(916) 706-1738

Walking down L Street the other day, I found that Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates—long awaited, at least by me—had stealthily, quietly opened its doors. It’s a little jewel box of a place, with perfectly lovely chocolates, darkly gleaming (like the luscious fleur de sel caramels) or a varying assortment of filled chocolates—raspberry, Yirgacheffe coffee—topped with little colored cabochon-like squares of color. You can get a piece of gianduja cake, or a chocolate chip cookie, or a package of hot chocolate to go, and it’s probably not too early to place a Valentine’s Day order, either. For an extra special treat, try the Parisian macaroons. I don’t know of anyone else in town making these; if you’re unfamiliar with them and thinking coconut, think again. These are almond-based sandwich cookies, with a delicately crisp and glossy exterior, a nubbly and sugary chewiness inside, and cream sandwiched inside; they come in vanilla, coffee, or chocolate flavors, and they complement espresso (which the shop also serves) perfectly. I may have to walk down L Street a little more often.