Year in review

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

In no particular order, here are five tastes I’ll remember from 2007 (and might seek out again in 2008):

1. The unbelievably silky duck-liver mousse on the house-made charcuterie plate at Hawks, paired with a glass of bracing, just-sweet German Riesling.

2. The subtle infusion of fresh chocolate and mint in the frosting on the chocolate-mint cupcakes at Babycakes Bakery. Wait, make that the fresh raspberry frosting on the chocolate cupcakes at Capital Cupcakes. I can’t decide!

3. Pillowy, sear-edged noodles and the bite of Chinese broccoli in the standout pad see ew at Thai Thai Express.

4. The ultra-strong, illicit savor of absinthe, like being hit over the head with a crowbar wrapped in black licorice. (I like black licorice.)

5. Biscuits and gravy (that’s flaky cheddar biscuits and ancho chili gravy) with creamy scrambled eggs for breakfast at Roxy. OK, it won’t make the next list all the journalists will be doing—of New Year’s resolutions—but it’s a delicious way to start a day.