Walk the walk

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

One of the things I miss about Bay Area farmers’ markets is the lively engagement of the community, particularly chefs, with the market. Not that it doesn’t happen here—I do see chefs and cooks loaded down with produce at area markets—but our region can be a bit thinner on events and participation than, say, Ferry Plaza. Organizers of The Davis Farmers’ Market, though, are working to change that. On November 10, they offered the first Chef’s Walk through the market, with 21 chefs attending from around the region, including four from Davis’s University Dining Services, as well as the director of student nutrition services from Davis Joint Unified School District, who is freshening up the local school lunch. Led by Tony and Rhonda Gruska of Monticello Bistro and Pru Mendez of Tucos Wine Market and Café, the tour covered everything from wine to pork to produce. A second tour is planned for the spring—it’s open to chefs only, but if you hang out at the market you might be able to catch the buzz (www.davisfarmersmarket.org).