Hello, cupcake (second in a series)

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

In case you haven’t noticed, the cupcake trend has hit Sacramento hard. Last week, the most dangerous cupcake shop yet—for me, at least—opened on J Street. I say “dangerous” because the cupcakes are fabulous; the shop is a 10-minute walk from my house, and my frosting-loving 2-year-old knows about it. Babycakes Bakery, the offspring of partners Teresa Urkofsky and Kristine Bertram, has luscious flavors like caramel apple (stuffed with chunks of apples); chocolate mint, with pale green frosting infused with fresh chocolate mint leaves from Del Rio Farm; pretty, simple vanilla (with icing that really tastes like vanilla); and many more—they offer different flavors on alternating days. There are also some tasty-looking sandwiches, in case you want a little sustenance before your treat. And the décor is suitably adorable, with pink walls adorned with frosting-like piping. It’s dangerous, I tell you. 3675 J Street, (916) 451-7885.