The slice is right

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

Don’t get me started on the Luigi’s Pizza Parlor on Stockton Boulevard—thin, crispy crust; homemade seasoned sausages and huge slices for about three bucks. It’s easy to babble endlessly about it. But what about the new Luigi’s Slice in Midtown (1050 20th Street, Space 150)? Is it any good? In a few words, yeah, it is. Unlike some of the other Sacto pizza joints, the pie at Luigi’s Slice is covered in toppings—whether it’s the pepperoni, turkey bacon, pineapple, linguica or jalapeños, there is no skimping involved. One slice is enough to fill even the most gluttonous of gluttons. And if that’s not enough, don’t forget the pastrami sandwiches that people have been known to drive for hours for. And in accordance with “the three Ls” of real estate, it’s stumbling distance from both the SN&R office, as well as a bunch of choice bars. Plus, it’s in the direct path of the Second Saturday art walk. Now all you fancy art-lovers will have wine and pizza grease dripping down your faces.