Not-so-secret recipes

SN&R Illustration by Mark Stivers

Sacramento’s Hidden Kitchen, run by local foodies Dennis and Mary Kercher, may have started as a secret operation, but it’s gradually become a little more public—even though their popular dinners tend to be booked long in advance. Dennis, however, has recently been posting some favorite recipes on the Hidden Kitchen Web site. Instructions for tempting and impressive dishes—like gnocchi verde, osso buco ragout, or rack of lamb bagna cauda with artichoke hearts and leeks—are downloadable as PDFs with photos of the dishes, and in some cases, links to instructional videos on YouTube. If that doesn’t give you enough to go on, Dennis will be teaching a class at Whole Foods on March 17 (advance sign-up recommended) with dishes like bistro onion soup, leg of lamb in a dry rub of herbs de Provence, and Meyer lemon soufflé with strawberry jus. Get sign-up info—or, if you’re longing for other sorts of instruction in the meantime, check out Whole Foods’ calendar for local classes.