Tastes like bacon

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

I must have a reputation for enjoying cured pork products, because lately, several people have mentioned J&D’s Bacon Salt to me. It’s a vegetarian, kosher, slightly scarily orange sprinkle with the laudable slogan, “Everything should taste like bacon.” I can think of some exceptions (chocolate ice cream, banana bread), but it’s certainly true that some things do indeed benefit from tasting like bacon, so I ordered me some of that salt. Its true purpose appears to be enlivening the potato. I sprinkled it on a baked potato, and while I won’t say it was quite the same as loading it up with bacon bits, it was far less caloric and very tasty. (I can imagine that a french fry would also benefit from its smoky, saline embrace.) While I was at it, I put it on the meatloaf I’d made for dinner, and it perked that up, too. Next stop: scrambled eggs. www.baconsalt.com.