Not your nana’s hot cocoa

The Peppermint Patty, Bistro 33 davis

Illustration by Kate Mitrano

It’s a cold December day at Bistro 33 Davis, and I can’t decide whether I want a throwback to grandma’s peppermint hot chocolate, or a cocktail to spice up the height of the holiday season. Why not both? The Peppermint Patty ($9) offers a boozy twist on the nostalgic comfort of winter’s most popular drink. The first sip of the hot chocolate might not taste like booze at all, with the peppermint schnapps and crème de cacao using the chocolate as a mask, although they are ever-so-slightly amplified with each sip. They even top it off with whip cream to let you know that you are special. 226 F St., Davis,