Warms the soul

Organic Celadon Pearl, Old Soul Co.

Illustration by Sarah Hansel

Revive and refresh with Old Soul Co.’s Organic Celadon Pearl by Red Blossom Tea Company. Sometimes the tea options at coffee shops are generic and disappointing, but not here. This soothing green tea has a distinct nutty flavor with soft floral notes. In addition to its delicious green tea, Old Soul also offers an Organic Bai Mu Dan (white peony), Keemun for black tea and Elderflower Osmanthus as an herbal and caffeine-free option. There’s nothing quite like sipping hot tea on a cold day at a local coffee shop. Try the Organic Celadon Pearl with some steamed almond milk in a ceramic mug for an extra luxurious treat. Various locations, oldsoulco.com.