Sweet ’n’ pretty

That’s Pretty mimosa, The Morning Fork

Feeling down? Why not treat yourself to a That’s Pretty mimosa ($7/$18) on your lunch break? (Don’t worry. I won’t tell your boss.) A glass of sparkling bubbly will turn the rest of the afternoon into a smashing affair, and this bubbly has peach and lemongrass syrup mixed with Cock N’ Bull Ginger Beer to put some zip in your step. Topped with seasonal fruits (mine had strawberries and grapes) and a mini floral arrangement of edible flowers (marigolds), the vibrant colors alone elevate serotonin to happier, weekend-like levels. And if mama needs a lil’ sugar, there’s a citrus-sugar encrusted rim to sweeten up every tart and tangy sip. 1111 21 st St., themorningfork.com.