Island vibes

Aloha Friday, Big Stump Brewing Company

Big Stump Brewing Company often reinvents selections from its repertoire of small-batch beers. The Midtown establishment’s revamped version of sour brew Aloha Friday ($6.50 for 10.5 ounces), has a distinctly sweet yet restrained aroma. Take a sip and experience a vibrant flavor that matches the punch of the drink’s orange/fuchsia hue. Passion fruit, apricot and tangerine—the latter two new to the Aloha Friday mix—coalesce for a decadent first impression. The sour element takes control later, hanging on the roof of the mouth, but it’s more subtle than overpowering. As the tartness gently dissipates, it clears your palate for the next taste. 1716 L St.,—Jed Pressgrove