A presidential treat

Abraham Lincoln (Oreo) Shake, Milk House Shakes

Milkshakes soothe wonderfully in the summer, and who doesn’t love an Oreo cookie shake? Milk House Shakes—which won 2017’s Calling All Dreamers contest and offers milkshakes named after U.S. presidents—presents an exceptional Oreo cookie milkshake called the Abraham Lincoln ($6.50 for small, $8 for large). It’s a sweet, smooth, creamy shake that’s thick enough for a spoon, but will sip just fine through a straw. Bursting with chocolatey Oreo cookie crumbles and decadent vanilla ice cream, it’s an indulgent confection. While milkshakes tend to exist on extreme ends of a spectrum—either too thick or too thin—the Abraham Lincoln (named after owner Kelly Boyles’ favorite president) strikes an equilibrium worthy of its presidential status. 1100 Front St., Suite 140, milkhouseshakes.com