Knockout kombucha!

Blood Orange Mint Kombucha, JuneShine

Though its concoction is alcoholic by nature due to fermentation, San Diego-based JuneShine lets its kombucha simmer just a little longer. Its Blood Orange Mint ($5 for a 16-ounce can at Total Wine & More) is light, with just enough alcohol to get an airy buzz on a summer day. Pink lemonade in color, its taste is a cross between a chardonnay and a pale ale—sweet in the front, smooth in the middle, tart in the back. With rich blood orange flavor and sweetness from organic honey, this 6% ABV elixir is delicate on the palate. Green tea and mint add a comforting and refreshing touch, which makes this hard kombucha an effervescent alternative. Total Wine & More, 2121 Arden Way,