Cane full of sugar

Sugar Cane Juice, Coco Cane Juice

If you’re looking for a refreshing summer drink and you’re tired of Arnold Palmers and La Croix, head over to Coco Cane Juice and try some fresh-pressed sugar cane juice. While chewing on sugar cane produces a mellow, honey-syrup flavor, the juice of the cane is quite sweet and makes a perfect hot afternoon treat, especially when combined with other fruits. I had a Strawberry Sugar Cane drink ($4.85), and the taste was similar to my mother-in-law’s fresh, homemade strawberry preserves. There’s another combo available for a more adventurous spirit: The mysteriously smelly Durian ($4.95), which will surely earn you bragging rights if you drink it down in front of your friends. 5591 Sky Pkwy, Suite 409.