Citrus sipper

Old-Fashioned Orange Soda, Burly Beverages

The golden age of old-fashioned soda fountains, where friends and families gathered to chat over an ice cold fizzy drink, seemed long past. It was, but now Burly Beverages, a small-batch soda syrup, shrub and switchel company, is reviving the old-timey tradition. Inside Burly’s tasting room, customers sit at the bar and choose from soda flavors such as Chai Root Beer or Extra Spicy Ginger Beer (with a little cayenne), but my favorite is its Old-Fashioned Orange Soda ($3.45). It’s orange color comes from carrot juice and it’s a refreshing, effervescent pick-me-up when you need a sweet treat that doesn’t make you feel too guilty. It’s a delightful citrusy sipper. 2014 Del Paso Boulevard,